Everyman’s rights

When you travel to Finland, you may be suprised at how awsome nature we have here. Everyone has the right to enjoy Finnish nature for free. How? Many tourists arriving in Finland are surprised by the obvious right of us Finns; everyman`s right. What does this everyman`s right mean? In short, you have the right to go anywhere in nature, including 40 Finnish national parks, for free.

Finnish National Parks

All parks have well-marked nature trails and signs. Most of them have campsites and cottages which you can rent. Some of the national parks have unlocked wilderness cabins which are open to anyone. You only need to respect the unwritten rules: clean after yourself and leave the place as it was when you arrived. Although our national parks are safe to walk, we recommend staying on the marked routes – for your own safety and to protect our beautiful nature.

What does everyman`s rights mean?

You can enjoy nature, collect berries and mushrooms, go fishing and ice fishing for no fee. Finnish nature offers unlimited healthy delicacies for you! Everything is pure. Finland has the cleanest air in the world and Finland is also the most forested land in Europe. Come and enjoy!

What should you remember when you go to nature in Finland?

Rights also include obligations. It is important to protect our beautiful nature and move around in the nature with respect for it. Thirty percent of Lapland is now protected. Eg. slow-growing lichens are easily damaged. Do not cut down or damage the trees. Do not disturb the animals in the forest. All instructions for everyman’s rights can be found here. Welcome to enjoy the incredibly beautiful Finnish nature! Read the previous blog about summer activities. If you want to book a night in a tentsile visit our shop! -Katri

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