Finland’s wildlife

In Finland, nature is very diverse. When talking about wild animals, you must be thinking about lions, cheetahs, gorillas etc. Keep in mind that Finland is rich by dense coniferous forests of spine and spruce. There are large number of lakes and wetlands. This rich nature leads to a wide variety of wild animals that can be found in Finland’s nature. The wild animal amount is vastly here, but most of the species that stood out or are the most known here are brown bears, wolves, lynxes, Saimaa ringed seals and red foxes. 

How and where to spot wild animals in Finland?

Before you can spot a wild animal you need to know their description first.   The brown bear’s body length is from 135 cm to 250 cm. Depending on gender a female bear weight around 45 kg to 170 kg, for a male it moves between 47 kg to 230 kg. The color of these bears varies from dark brown to light brown. Brown bears mostly appears on the eastern boarder, Southern Finland and in Lapland. Remember that bears sleep during the snowy winter. If you manage to encounter a bear you are really lucky, because usually they dodges humans and only moves at night time or at dusk.  The wolf’s body length is about 100 cm to 140 cm, and it can weight between 20 kg to 75 kg. Depending on the season wolf’s fur color is more reddish or rusty brown at summer. Their ears are erect. It even may seem impossible to distinguish between dogs and wolves. They occur in Finland almost all over the country, and most of them are in southwestern Finland and Nort Karelia.   Lynx is from 70 cm to 120 cm by the body length and weight around 7 kg to 30 kg. You can recognize one by the fact that the fur is reddish grey in summer and greyish white in winter. There are also brown or black spots on the fur and the ears are tufted. Lynxes are Finland’s only wild cat and can be spotted almost all over the country, especially at northern coniferous forests.   Red fox’s body length is around 60 cm to 85 cm and can weight between 5 kg to 8 kg. They are known for it’s long and bushy tail, ears are long and erect. The overall color is reddish yellowish brown. These lovely creatures can be spotted almost all over the country. Usually moves at night time or at dusk, but during the day time they like to spend their day in the cave.   The Saimaa ringed seal is one of the few fresh water seals in the world. Their body length is from 85 cm to 160 cm, and weight around 40 kg to 90 kg. They have short snout and flat face. Their fur is dark grey, but it can also be almost all black. Spot one of these endangered species only at Saimaa (the largest lake in Finland, located in southeastern Finland), especially in the central parts of Lake Saimaa by the backwaters.   When spotting a wild animal in Finland’s nature the best way to stay safe when watching wildlife is to give animals room to move. Do not disturb or try to feed them. Be responsible, it’s important to keep yourself and the wildlife safe!  If you have any questions in your mind, feel free to contact us!

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