Finnish summer activities

In summer when the days are longer and warmer, nature is at its most beautiful and offers many activities for outdoor activities. There’s no thing better to pair these days with but a fun summer activity. In Finland there are many summer activities to do in the waters and in the woods. We can assure you there are plenty of activities to do for the whole summer here.

Water activities in Finland

Did you know that 10% of Finland is covered in water? That’s why Finnish summer has many amazing water activities to offer adventurers of all ages. Regardless of age or gender boating is a suitable hobby for the whole family. It offers a lifelong opportunity to learn new things about the water and mother nature. On the coast of Finland, the length of the coastline is more than 46 000 kilometers, there are more than 73 000, so there is plenty to boat. Places we recommend for the boater are Pihlajavesi, the Kvarken Archipelago world heritage site, Inari hiking area and Archipelago national park. There are also many water activities besides boating. Kayaking, sailing, canoeing, fishing and diving for example. Boating requires know-how, understanding and common sense. When boating, the most important thing is to always follow good sailor skills. When moving at the sea, remember these two emergency call numbers: to the maritime emergency call number 0294 1000 or the national emergency call number 112.

Forest and land activities in Finland

With 10% of the country covered in water, the 69% of it is covered in forests. With many species of birds (over 450 species) that are not easy to see elsewhere but in Finland, attracts many birders. These are top 3 spots we recommend you to go for bird watching in Finland: Harakka Nature Center, Nuuksio National Park and Laajalahti Nature Reserve. If you want to experience a bit more of the city and countryside itself, we recommend you to go on a cycling tours. In case boating and cycling weren’t enough, a bit of hiking trip in the Nuuksio National Park will give you before inexperienced experience. You can get there easily from Helsinki by a public bus, and it will only take an hour to get there. If you are looking for some Finnish things to do in summer Finland, summer cottage is a must of course. Enjoy the long days, grill a lot, pick some berries and maybe mushrooms in late summer. Enjoy the opportunities offered by the summer while it still lasts. If you have any questions in your mind then feel free to contact us! If you are interested in sleeping in a tentsile in Nuuksio National Park you can book accommodation here.

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