Floating igloo – unique glamping experience in Helsinki

Hi! It’s Katariina here, Ecotravellers’ new trainee. I am a soon-to-be bachelor of tourism and for my last internship before graduating I wanted to learn more about tourism marketing and sustainable tourism. I am very excited to have joined the team at Ekomatkaajat / Ecotravellers Finland. Upon agreeing about the internship, I was given a very special task: stay the night in a floating igloo in Helsinki. Seriously? Wow, I think I am the luckiest trainee on earth.

About the AuroraHut floating igloo

Before arriving at the floating igloo, I did not want to read too much about it because I wanted to keep my reaction and thoughts as authentic as possible. However, here are a few facts about the AuroraHut floating igloo for you to better understand what I’m talking about. AuroraHut is an igloo-shaped boat with glass walls and glass roof. Boat because the igloo has a motor and can be driven to different spots on the water. The igloo can also be placed on ice during winter. The floating igloo is equipped with a double bed, small kitchen, composting toilet, and food cellar. I stayed at the floating igloo with a friend, and one of the things that amazed us the most was the attention put into details of the igloo. Everything was well-thought-through from reading lights and built-in Bluetooth speaker to wifi-connection and even an ice-fishing hole on the floor!

Enjoying the changing scenery through the igloo’s windows

The weather forecast for the day and night that we were going to spend at the floating igloo did not look too good: thunder, rain, and clouds. Typical to Finland, the forecast ended up changing. However, we got to follow the changing weather conditions through the glass windows: rain, clouds, sun, and even a beautiful rainbow that appeared in the afternoon. In the evening the sky turned pink and finally the city lights were switched on. I noticed my mood changing together with the weather. Being so caught up in the scenery changes and living in the moment, I felt like our stay was longer than just one night. It was like a mini getaway from the daily life.

Just a one-time wonder?

Something I thought about before the experience was whether staying at a floating igloo would be just a one-time thing, cool to try out once in your life and then moving on to the next new thing. While looking through the windows I found myself thinking how different the experience might be in different destinations, during different seasons and even in the same place from day-to-day depending on the weather. That is why I believe that there are no two identical stays at the AuroraHut.

The best of camping and a hotel stay at once

The term glamping, short for glamorous camping, has been trending in tourism during the latest years. The definition is “a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping” (Oxford Languages). I would say that the experience of staying at a floating igloo is glamping at its best. You get the perks of being surrounded by nature without having to worry about freezing yourself, getting soaked by a sudden thunderstorm or my favorite, attacked by the mosquitoes.

Environmental impacts of the floating igloo

Since the floating igloos are leased and sold through Ekomatkaajat / Ecotravellers Finland, I knew that staying there would be an environmentally friendly option. AuroraHuts are manufactured here in Finland, and for all the details, the company has collaborated with brands that are best on their field regarding eco-friendliness. The floating igloo does not need a building permit. Therefore, it won’t ruin the natural scenery. The igloo is heated with renewable fuel and operates with solar and biofuel power. So, was the experience worth the hype? Yes definitely, if not even more so. Staying in a floating igloo is a very unique experience by itself. Staying in a floating igloo knowing you are choosing an eco-friendly accommodation option – even better. Interested in reading more about unique accommodation options? Read also our previous post about tentsiles and sleeping in a reindeer park.

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