How to travel ecofriendly and develop sustainable tourism.

How to travel eco-friendly and develop sustainable tourism.

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world economy. It is closely linked to the social, economic, and environmental well-being of many countries. Traveling is a very popular activity. People are traveling more and more, air travel has become cheaper, there are more travel itineraries, more travel destinations are being sold, larger cruise ships are constantly being built, more hotels are opening, and new accommodation options are opening. It developed very rapidly before the 2020 pandemic. However, this is just a temporary pause in tourism growth and the tourism industry is predicted to return to pre-pandemic levels soon. Huge travel limitations in 2020 and 2021 will put an end to the problem of over tourism for the time being. As a result, it is worthwhile to consider and create sustainable tourism now. In my last blog, I talked about the benefits of sustainable tourism and explained why it is so important. And this time I will tell you how to travel eco-friendly and take care of nature while exploring new destinations.

Things that tourists can do to develop sustainable tourism.

In this part I will talk about a few things that every tourist can do to develop sustainable tourism. 1.Avoid the plane and board the train and buses. Traveling by train or bus is a good way to make yourself part of the emerging slow travel trend. Tourists visiting fewer places and spending more time in each place better understand the culture and traditions of the place, but also reduce their carbon footprint. 2.Support reputable organizations that care about the environment. It is worth supporting companies that help develop sustainable tourism. These can be travel agencies from the home country and up to local firms in the tourist country. 3.Visit small, authentic places. By supporting small destinations like cafes, restaurants, hostels, travelers help prevent over tourism. In this way, they reduce the number of visitors to popular tourist destinations, help small businesses grow, and better immerse themselves in the culture of the country. 4.Use water wisely. Avoid unnecessary laundry or towels in your hotel room if they have only recently been washed. These are still clean things that can be used more than once. This will help cut down on unnecessary water use. 5.Refuse to use plastic. The Great Pacific Landfill, a whirlpool of human waste stretching thousands of miles across the ocean, contains billions of abandoned plastic bottles and bags that will take hundreds of years, if ever, to decompose, wreaking havoc on marine ecosystems. Items that can be recycled should be used wherever possible. 6.Support the actual economy in the community. To assist in the growth of the local economy, travellers should purchase locally sourced produce. Although buying local handicrafts and souvenirs is not always cheaper, it ensures that the support to the economy is more direct and constructive. 7.Save energy. Urists often consume significantly more energy than local residents and many destinations cannot meet demand. While on vacation, do your best to conserve local energy resources. Turn off lights, TV and any other electronics when not in use. When leaving the hotel, turn off the air conditioner or set the thermostat a few degrees higher. 8.Respect local communities Learn more about the traditions and way of life of the locals to broaden your horizons by accepting differences and absorbing local culture. Start immersing yourself in other cultures by reading local history, traditions and etiquette before visiting. Download a language app and learn a few phrases in your local language. It is important to follow the rules and characteristics of the local community in order to be understood and enjoy the trip. Check out our blog about things to remember when coming to Finland.

Travel eco-friendly!

There are many other things that will keep you eco-friendly. However, the main thing is to develop sustainable tourism. Everyone can already do this even by simply talking about it and its importance!

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