Unique accommodation around Finland

This year has been full of opportunities. Travelling around the world has been easier than ever. I have been travelling to different locations every day – virtually. Situations change and you have to be willing to jump out of your confortable zone. In March I really had no clue about any Zoom meetings but now I´m zooming everyday!

I have always dreamed about travelling. I have wanted t travel more , I have wanted to travel to those countries I haven´t been to before and volunteer more with animals. I have travelled a lot and it has been a way of finding sun when here in Finland it is dark and cold. Nowadays I dream about travelling. We have now seen that it´s not a self-evident thing that you can travel at all.

Though Finland is a small country you have to plan carefully where you are going since there might only be one bus a day to that direction. Few months ago I decided I will travel around Finland with a train. I planned a tour going around Tohmajärvi, Paltamo and Oulu.

Travelling with a train in Finland

I took a train to Tohmajärvi. The views from the train are very nice and you get to see a lot just sitting in the train. This is an ecological and confortable way of moving around in Finland. Not so many have ever heard about Tohmajärvi. I think one of the best things that you find here is silence. You can sit on the dock for hours and look at the lake and you might not see anyone passing by. The accommodation in the cottages is very confortable and the cottage has all you need – a very good bed and the wooden scent. Riitta, the lady in charge of all this, wants to help her customers feel like home and she is also a very good cook. This is why you can relax easily, go to the sauna and sit in the hot tub chilling. Ecotravellers Finland has a huge collection of different kind of accommodation around Finland. This is one unique option for accommodation – and an excellent one if want to relex next to unspoiled nature and cuddle a small dog!

My next stop was in Paltamo. The train stopped in the middle of nowhere and without transportation to the hotel I would have been alone at the train station. There were no taxis and no one besides me. The Birdhouse hotel on top of Kivesvaara hill offers you stunning sunsets. I didn´t want to miss a moment and luckily everything has been thought very carefully. You can admire the same view from the living room or from your own sauna! The breakfast is so delicious and fresh. I really felt like staying here for longer time. This is an ideal place for relaxation with amazing views! In the winter time it is also possible to see the northern lights – like in the picture! If you are interested in travelling to Paltamo contact us!

Movable glass igloo

My last stop was in Oulu. I walked from the train station and had my AuroraHut glass igloo waiting for me. There are two options to choose from. You can move with your glass igloo and even park it for a while and go sightseeing. So cool! I wanted to take the movable AuroraHut. I drove along Oulu River and admired the sunset from my movable terrace.  It is very easy for anyone to drive the glass igloo with a remote control. You will get guidance, instructions and you can call if you need any help. Go swimming and take the pictures – I bet your friends have´t done this. After finished driving I still had sauna and hot tub waiting for me. The glass igloo has curtains so it´s also easy to sleep inside. If you don´t want to move the glass igloo it is not a must – and then it is also a bit cheaper for you. Try it yourself or with a friend!


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