Why travel to Finland in other seasons instead of winter? 1/3 Spring

There are four wonderful, varied seasons in Finland, so why not explore and enjoy them all to the fullest? Each one offers the traveler a lot of new and different things and certainly every traveler can find their favorite among them. Every season is worth experiencing in Finland and we have listed some of the most important reasons why and what is so special about each of them.

Spring in Finland – the start of something new

Spring in Finland is officially March, April, and May. In the south, spring always comes a little earlier than in the north, and in Lapland, for example, it is not unheard of to find snow on the fells even in May. Ski slopes and cross-country skiing tracks are open in the northern Finland well into spring, so you can also enjoy winter activities while the spring sun warms your face on the slopes. This is a time when days get longer and brighter right before your eyes and nature is slowly starting to fill with beautiful different colors. People start to enjoy themselves more outside and engage in outdoor sports and activities. One thing that many don’t know is that one of the best times to see the northern lights is actually in the early spring around February and March.

Enjoy the beautiful nature

If you enjoy being outdoors, spring is a wonderful time to spot migratory birds returning from the south and even the bravest and most patient can go deeper into the forests to watch the bears waking up from their hibernation in booths built specially for this purpose. Spring is a wonderful time when you can still enjoy the opportunities created by cold winter, while also taking advantage of the new scenery created by the gradually warming sun. You can go for a hike on the wonderful nature trails to spot the first flowers and birds of spring, after which you can test your courage and take a dip ice swimming. But before going into the nature, you should be aware of the everyman’s rights, that are a guideline what you can or cannot do.

There is something special about the time when the last bit of snow starts to melt from the ground and the happy chirping of birds can be heard everywhere. It’s even like a therapeutic rebirth, which brings everyone a whole new energy to start the year and wipe the old dust off their feet. If you haven’t yet experienced Finnish spring, put it on your bucket list.


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