Why travel to Finland in other seasons instead of winter? 2/3 Summer

The tourism peak in all of Europe is in the summer months of June-August, and it’s no wonder. The destinations are at their best, the days are long, and the evenings are warm. However, the downside is that the destinations are full of tourists, the crowds are exhausting, and the queues can be several hours long. Prices for both hotels and services are increased and temperatures, especially in southern Europe, can rise well above 40 degrees Celsius. Finland’s all-time temperature record is 37.2 degrees, and this is very rare. In summer, our temperatures are usually around 22-26 degrees, so you don’t have to be afraid of debilitating heat.

The time of endless light

Even more exotic experience than winter, can be the Finnish summer. Finns are at their best in the summer, when the people, invigorated by the summer sun, spend most of their day outside enjoying the endless light and warmth. If you travel to northern Finland, the completely bright nights are an incredible experience. In this case, you can try a midnight hike on wonderful trails and collect berries or beautiful wildflowers at the same time. Surely not many people get to experience this kind of silence and at the same time you can feel completely safe.

The magic of Juhannus

In the summer, you can also experience Juhannus, the Finnish midsummer festival, when Finnish cities empty out and people travel to their summer cottages. This is one of the most magical times to be in Finland; nature is at its greenest, all the flowers are at their peak and the nights are almost bright as day. At that time, people enjoy fresh, grilled food, the company of friends and family and swim in the crystal-clear lake waters. Many also cast Midsummer spells, which are said to help in love life but most just make them for the tradition. If endless light, pleasant temperatures, the peace of nature and wonderful colors are on your mind, choose Finland as your next summer destination.

Here you can check some of the best summer activities in Finland.


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