Why travel to Finland in other seasons instead of winter? 3/3 Autumn

If I had to choose one of the most beautiful seasons in Finland, it wouldn’t be surprisingly the white-glistening snowdrifts or the sunny summer landscapes. Autumn is a festival of colors in Finland, and before the leaves have fallen from the trees and bushes, you can see a spectrum of colors shining like beautiful fire outside. If you enjoy beautiful natural scenery, you will certainly enjoy Finland in autumn. Anywhere you look you will surely see the wonderful autumn colors that in Finland is called ruska. All the leaves shine bright hot red, deliciously orange or glamorous yellow, and you can’t help but wonder how beautiful nature can be.

Activities in autumn

In autumn, you can enjoy in nature in long hiking trips mushroom hunting, as long as you make sure you know which mushrooms you can eat. In early autumn, you can also still find some wild berries in the forest, such as blueberries and lingonberries, so you should unquestionably take advantage of these superfoods provided by our beautiful nature. Many popular summer activities can also be enjoyed in early autumn, such as cycling or the most daring can still take a dip in the cooling lake waters. In autumn, when the evenings are getting dark but still not too cold, it is a great experience to go a little further away from the city lights and look at the starry sky sparkling like small diamonds.

The best time to visit Finland

Finland is a relatively long country, so autumn occurs at slightly different times in different regions. In the northernmost Finland, autumn starts to appear already at the end of August, and the southernmost Finland is at its most beautiful in the beginning of October. Therefore, it is worth finding out in advance the best time to see autumn colors in your travel destination, if you want to witness this natural event at its best. And don’t forget that one of the best times to see the northern lights is between October and November!


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